Our aquaponic farms create a well-balanced and self-contained eco-system between combining agricultural, fish and microorganism systems, mimicking the natural metabolic cycle rendering all synthetic chemicals redundant and running the system completely naturally.

With the technologically advanced aquaponic farms in operation, major benefits will be at our disposal and challenges pertaining to farming will be resolved.

  1. Organic produce: Our produce and farming cycle are all natural and organic with no use of pesticide or chemical fertilizers.
  2. Completely healthy: There’s absolutely no adverse risks to humans, animals, soil or the environment.
  3. Catering to the local market: We will be providing the market with around 365 tons of vegetables and 77 tons of fish annually.
  4. Adaptable: Our farms are not affected by soil type, so we are not limited to the 2.7% arable land.
  5. Resilience: We are unaffected by the harsh climate and its fluctuations.
  6. More out of Less: Our yield per meter farmed are higher by 8 times compared with traditional farming.
  7. Water efficiency: With prudent water usage under our advanced systems, we are able to produce more with less water usage. Water saving is more than 80% when compared with traditional farming.
  8. Wide list of products: We have the know-how and have proven to be successful in planting 30 different types of crops by undertaking extensive R&D process and the list keeps expanding.

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